Saying “see you later” to the Valedictorian

The valedictorian of my graduating class was accepted to UC Berkeley, one of the highest ranking universities in the country, a place he worked so hard to get into and a place he truly deserved to be.
He left today.
The valedictorian of my graduating class was the person I opened up to three years ago when I thought my life would shortly be taken by my own hand.
The valedictorian showed me some of the most love and kindness I’ve ever seen a human being capable of.
He held me while I cried, listened to me when I made no sense, made me laugh when I thought I never would again and made me smile when I didn’t think I could.
The valedictorian of my graduating class is one of my best friends and he saved my life.
I know it’s selfish of me to not want him to be so far and I know I will see him again in a few months but knowing he is in a different state and not able to hug me when I need it is hard. I didn’t want to let go this morning when he kept reassuring me “this isn’t goodbye.”